2018 Impact Report

Dear Friends,

Picture our 2018 eighth-grade graduation: Parents beaming with pride. Government officials recognizing the school’s accomplishments. Younger brothers and sisters (wearing their own school uniforms) dreaming of their future ceremonies.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the same scene at every local school. In the Kilgoris area, 60 percent of students at government primary schools fail to qualify for high school. I’m proud to share that not only did 100 percent of TKP graduates pass their high school entry exam, they are also all attending high school!

Your investment in these students shines like their bright red graduation gowns. From preschool crayons, to Kindles in primary school, to high school prep in eighth grade—you’ve come alongside these students the whole way. Your sacrificial giving, love and prayers continue to build the TKP community and the 1,300 children we serve. Here are a few highlights from 2018:

TOP GRADUATE EARNS FULL SCHOLARSHIP: TKP’s top eighth grade graduate, Joshua Kukutia, scored in the top one percent of all students in Kenya on the country’s high school entrance exam.
His exceptional performance earned him high school and university scholarships worth $8,800 USD. He now attends Nairobi’s elite Alliance High School, with plans to attend university upon graduation.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL: Many in Kilgoris struggle to provide adequate food and nutrition for their families, which often include orphans and extended family members. Students return from month-long school breaks sick and undernourished. In 2018, in addition to providing breakfast, lunch and clean water for all of our students, we’ve expanded our nutritional offering. Orphans and food-insecure students now receive food care packages over school holidays. This eases the burden on families, while also keeping children healthy and ready to return to class.

VISION-SAVING SURGERY FOR TWO STUDENTS: Thanks to well-medical checks for all students, Student Health Officer, Amos Leperes, identified severe vision problems in two siblings at Oltikampu Primary School. His early detection and case management led to vision-saving surgery for both students. They are now thriving in school.

To ensure our long-term sustainability, we continue to invest in our social businesses and in-country revenue generating projects. Our Sere and Kumea Mizizi Farms continue to grow food and crop trees and our tractor plowing and hauling service contracts with local farmers. In 2018, we added a new seedling nursery for Eucalyptus trees, and we built a new home for our farmer, Douglas Khayara, on Sere Farm, where 30 acres of trees will be planted in the coming years.

Like our shining graduation celebration, all of this, and the hundreds of other life-changing moments that happen in our schools every year, would not be possible without you—our donors, volunteers, board members, advisors and staff. Read on to learn more about the exceptional impact of your generous gifts in 2018.

Thank you for continued support and faithful partnership. Read the full 2018 Impact Report to see how we stewarded your generous gifts in 2018.

Caren McNelly McCormack

President and Co-Founder The Kilgoris Project