Clean Water and Nutrition

Hungry kids can’t learn well. Many TKP students come to school without breakfast and without the possibility of lunch (maybe even dinner) at home. Each year, our donors make sure TKP students receive clean water, breakfast and lunch every day at school. Preschoolers receive a nutritional porridge and primary students eat bread, rice and beans, and seasonal vegetables and fruit on our campuses.

Two campuses (Intimigom and Oltikampu) have fresh water wells for cooking and drinking water. Other campuses have rainwater collection tank and gutter systems to ensure access to clean water. With full stomachs, clean water, and renewed energy, students can get the most out of their learning time in TKP classrooms.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Our schools strive to meet UNICEF and World Health Organization standards for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Teachers, staff and students are trained on this set of guiding principles, which includes: proper hand washing with soap and use of choos (toilets). WASH standards help reduce the amount of diarrheal disease and waterborne illnesses at schools, which in turn equals better school attendance and performance.

Partner Spotlight

Samaritan’s International is a long-term health and nutrition partner of The Kilgoris Project. Two physicians from Mooresville, North Carolina, Dr. Mike Campbell and Dr. Steve Ferguson, founded the organization in 2003 to support children in food insecure places who are at a high risk of malnutrition. Their programs have reached more than 100,000 children in Nicaragua, Haiti, Kenya, and other developing countries. They provide food and nutritional resources to communities all over the world and play a pivotal role in ensuring that TKP students have a nutritious breakfast and lunch every school day.