Our Approach


Partnership for Holistic Education

TKP creates education, health care and economic development programs in partnership with communities in and around Kilgoris, Kenya. Our programs target rural, school-aged children, so that they will form transformative futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

TKP’s ten schools are Kenyan-led by our management team and Kenyan teachers. We take a holistic approach to education, integrating to health checks, clean water and nutritious meals into the school day.

Our model addresses two local educational issues—a quality education and beginning that education at the right age. With the nearest school too far for a young child to walk, area students may delay starting school by several years. These latecomers are less likely to finish their education. When students do get to local schools, they are often overcrowded, understaffed and poorly resourced.

By making schools more geographically accessible, students can begin preschool as early as age two and primary school at age five. Our six preschools give children access to fantastic classrooms from early on. In our preschools and four primary schools, parents eagerly share their excitement over the nutrition and health care access these young students benefit from.

Inside and outside of the classroom, we recognize the importance of nurturing the mind, body and spirit. We believe that children must have access to the tools they need to succeed—whether that be dedicated Christian teachers, small class sizes, or the opportunity to participate in culturally-relevant education and enrichment programs.

The growth of our tree farm and other local businesses will provide sustainable, in-country income. All profits will help fuel the future of TKP schools. Our business investments, women’s co-ops and local employees enhance local economic development and benefit children, families and the community at large.



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