2017 Impact Report

 Dear Friends,


What a year! As we look back to 2017, it’s easy to see the many fruits of your generosity in the students and communities of The Kilgoris Project. Together we’ve planted seeds and tended the orchard over the last 15 years. Now we can enjoy the bumper crop.

Just look at our eighth-grade graduates excelling on their exams and looking toward a future filled with possibility. Take our preschoolers nourished, not only by two meals a day, but also by loving teachers who pour into them in the classroom. View our expanded campuses—adding grades for the youngest students to continue into a TKP primary school and adding a new rural campus to bring preschool to a community for the first time.

Your gifts, love and prayers continue to strengthen TKP and the 1,300 children we now serve. Here are a few highlights:

CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT: TKP opened teacher housing for up to 20 teachers on the Oltikampu campus. The ability to attract highly qualified teachers to this remote community changes the game for this growing campus. We also welcomed students to the new Oloilale Preschool—the first school in a remote area on the edge of Kilgoris.

SHINING GRADUATES: TKP’s graduating 8th grade class at Intimigom Primary School excelled on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Exam, the only ticket to enter high school in Kenya. While 61% of local area primary schools failed to prepare their students to pass the KCPE, all TKP students passed and qualified for high school. Intimigom’s top student, Damaris Kimoni scored in the top 1% of all of Kenyans. She earned both high school and college scholarships, opening many doors for her future.

EXPANDING OUR EXCEPTIONAL TEAM: Thanks to your generosity, we continue to invest in our staff. In 2017 we promoted two internal employees to the management level—one to manage our growing tree farms and plowing and hauling business, and the other to serve as the Assistant Education Officer, overseeing half of our campuses.

CREATING SUSTAINABLE, IN-COUNTRY INCOME SOURCES: TKP continues to invest in projects to generate sustainable, in-country income. In 2017, we purchased a tractor and trailer, launching a plow and hauling business in Kilgoris. The business not only earns money, it also saves TKP money for our construction projects. Along with our two tree farms, this revenue stream will increase year-on-year. We’ll reinvest all business profits directly back into the schools.

We could go on and on showing you more great fruit made possible by our donors, board members, staff, volunteers, advisors and the many others in the TKP family. This is just a small peek.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2017 Impact Report and read about the tremendous impact you've made.

Thank you for continued support and faithful partnership.



Caren McNelly McCormack
President and Co-Founder
The Kilgoris Project

Bringing a Love of Learning to TKP Classrooms

From a young age, Jesca Kukutia Naeku knew she wanted to be a teacher and found a passion early on for working with children who needed a little extra help in the classroom. Since 2016, Jesca has brought that passion for children and learning to TKP’s Intimigom Primary School as the school’s first dedicated remediation teacher. 


In her role, she guides primary school students in subjects like reading and math and also helps them build important classroom skills, including listening and following directions. Each day, Jesca pulls out small groups of students or individuals for the one-on-one attention they need to excel in the classroom. 

“Seeing all of our students grow, especially those who need extra help, is the best part of teaching,” says Jesca. “I love seeing my students get the attention they need, catch up to their classmates, and then rejoin their peers in the classroom.”

In 2017, 86 students began the school year getting extra help from Jesca and by the end of the year, just 12 remained in the remediation program. Jesca works with her students, but also the teachers to ensure that all students continue to improve at their own pace, while meeting grade-level expectations. Her ongoing collaboration with the classroom teachers helps them to implement teaching and learning strategies that can benefit all students in a classroom setting. 

“A dedicated remediation teacher is unique to Intimigom—it is not common in this community,” explains Sabina Lenkarie, Education Officer for TKP. “With Jesca’s guidance and patience, we are seeing our learners catch up with other students in their class. Having her on our team has reduced the number of students who repeat a grade, which is a common cause for children dropping out of school in Kilgoris.”

TKP seeks to get students into school the right age, and keep them there. Through Jesca’s dedication to students and partnership with Intimigom teachers, all students are growing and learning in a supportive classroom environment.

Back-to-School With TKP

Check out our friends at Intimigom Primary School. This video gives a little glimpse into the teachers, students and parents who call this campus "home." As you can see and hear, they send their thanks and appreciation your way!

It's Back-to-School season in the U.S. and that means our amazing TKP partners are generously funding classrooms for 1,200 TKP students. RIGHT NOW every dollar you invest in this campaign is instantly doubled. Your impact on students in Kenya is doubled. Will you join us? $2,700 funds a classroom for an entire year! That's salary and benefits for a teacher, school supplies and books. Here's some more numbers:

  • Your $25 gift sends one preschooler and one primary school student to school for three months!
  • Your $100 investment pays a teacher's salary for one month in Kilgoris!
  • Your $250 donation pays for student leadership training (similar to student council) at one of our primary schools!

Join us today and your donation and IMPACT are instantly doubled.

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What an Impact You've Made!

From bricks to brighter futures... Introducing The Kilgoris Project's 2016 Impact Report. 

If you could zoom in tightly on this year’s Impact Report, you’d hover over the many gifts you’ve given: bags of ground maize for school lunches, test prep books for the national 8th-grade exam, monthly salaries for teacher Irene and janitor Joseph, jars of pediatric deworming pills, trailer loads of bricks for new classrooms, and rows of eucalyptus seedlings. Your donations continue to build transformative futures for children in Kenya.

When you zoomed out, you’d see how these gifts blossomed into a patchwork of growth areas. These efforts and many others will continue to nurture our students and their communities for years to come.

Campus development—TKP and the Ololturot community, partnered with Live Oak Community Church and the Van Elderen Family Foundation to build a multipurpose building that will be used as both a preschool and church. It’s the first building on the site. This community continues to impress me with their commitment to their children’s education. Look for more growth in late 2017 as we continue to develop the Ololturot campus.

• Sustainability investment—With a grant from The Paperseed Foundation and key donor gifts, we purchased 33 acres of land to expand our tree farming. Over the next ten years, we will grow and harvest eucalyptus trees, which are in high demand throughout Kenya. The proceeds will help fund TKP school operations, helping us realize a growing, sustainable, in-country income.

• Water infrastructure—Several California donor families pooled funds to bring a well to the Oltikampu community, where more than 300 children attend TKP’s preschool and primary school. Drought has severely hampered this isolated village, bringing with it the serious health problems that a lack of clean water creates.

• Model graduates—Perhaps the highlight of the year was seeing the success of our first class of 8th-grade graduates. These students exceeded our expectations and all other local performers on the national exam. They provided both a proof of concept for our holistic educational model and a shining example for all the classes below them.

We’ve highlighted just a few of the hundreds of 2016 accomplishments made possible by our many volunteers, donors, advisors, travelers and friends. Thank you for your faithful partnership in 2016. Scroll down or download a PDF of our 2016 Impact Report to learn more about your impact.

With gratitude,

Caren McNelly McCormack
President and Co-founder
The Kilgoris Project