Mission and Vision


The Kilgoris Project educates and cares for school-aged children in rural Kenya, partnering with the community to build rising futures.

OUR Vision

Our students will forge transformative lives for themselves, their families and their communities.



  • As Christ followers, we operate and serve as a non-denominational, faith-based organization.
  • We love because we are loved; real love is lived out in action.


  • We deliver holistic education that nurtures the mind, body and spirit.
  • We reach children in remote, under-served areas to make school accessible at the right age.
  • We support teachers in their roles as shapers of children.


  • We feed and care for students, so that brains and bodies are ready to learn.
  • Cultivating student health enhances home and community health.


  • Local economic development benefits children, families and the larger community.
  • A Kenyan staff provides local employment and the most culturally relevant education and programs.


  • We operate in equal partnership between US and Kenyan entities to support Kenyan-led direction.
  • We collaborate with innovative non-profits, NGOs and other partners to bring complementary programs to our communities.


  • Long-term change comes through long-term relationships.
  • Growing in-country income and contributions strengthens our on-going work.

All are welcome

The Kilgoris Project schools maintain an open-door policy: All students are welcome, regardless of religious preference, tribal affiliation, income or family background.

Supporting Local Churches

We recognize the important role local churches and community organizations play in strengthening their neighborhoods. In support of this, we allow The Kilgoris Project’s facilities to be used by these groups outside of school hours. We actively partner with local communities of faith and other community organizations for the good of everyone.