2017 Impact Report

 Dear Friends,


What a year! As we look back to 2017, it’s easy to see the many fruits of your generosity in the students and communities of The Kilgoris Project. Together we’ve planted seeds and tended the orchard over the last 15 years. Now we can enjoy the bumper crop.

Just look at our eighth-grade graduates excelling on their exams and looking toward a future filled with possibility. Take our preschoolers nourished, not only by two meals a day, but also by loving teachers who pour into them in the classroom. View our expanded campuses—adding grades for the youngest students to continue into a TKP primary school and adding a new rural campus to bring preschool to a community for the first time.

Your gifts, love and prayers continue to strengthen TKP and the 1,300 children we now serve. Here are a few highlights:

CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT: TKP opened teacher housing for up to 20 teachers on the Oltikampu campus. The ability to attract highly qualified teachers to this remote community changes the game for this growing campus. We also welcomed students to the new Oloilale Preschool—the first school in a remote area on the edge of Kilgoris.

SHINING GRADUATES: TKP’s graduating 8th grade class at Intimigom Primary School excelled on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Exam, the only ticket to enter high school in Kenya. While 61% of local area primary schools failed to prepare their students to pass the KCPE, all TKP students passed and qualified for high school. Intimigom’s top student, Damaris Kimoni scored in the top 1% of all of Kenyans. She earned both high school and college scholarships, opening many doors for her future.

EXPANDING OUR EXCEPTIONAL TEAM: Thanks to your generosity, we continue to invest in our staff. In 2017 we promoted two internal employees to the management level—one to manage our growing tree farms and plowing and hauling business, and the other to serve as the Assistant Education Officer, overseeing half of our campuses.

CREATING SUSTAINABLE, IN-COUNTRY INCOME SOURCES: TKP continues to invest in projects to generate sustainable, in-country income. In 2017, we purchased a tractor and trailer, launching a plow and hauling business in Kilgoris. The business not only earns money, it also saves TKP money for our construction projects. Along with our two tree farms, this revenue stream will increase year-on-year. We’ll reinvest all business profits directly back into the schools.

We could go on and on showing you more great fruit made possible by our donors, board members, staff, volunteers, advisors and the many others in the TKP family. This is just a small peek.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2017 Impact Report and read about the tremendous impact you've made.

Thank you for continued support and faithful partnership.



Caren McNelly McCormack
President and Co-Founder
The Kilgoris Project