Back-to-School With TKP

Check out our friends at Intimigom Primary School. This video gives a little glimpse into the teachers, students and parents who call this campus "home." As you can see and hear, they send their thanks and appreciation your way!

It's Back-to-School season in the U.S. and that means our amazing TKP partners are generously funding classrooms for 1,200 TKP students. RIGHT NOW every dollar you invest in this campaign is instantly doubled. Your impact on students in Kenya is doubled. Will you join us? $2,700 funds a classroom for an entire year! That's salary and benefits for a teacher, school supplies and books. Here's some more numbers:

  • Your $25 gift sends one preschooler and one primary school student to school for three months!
  • Your $100 investment pays a teacher's salary for one month in Kilgoris!
  • Your $250 donation pays for student leadership training (similar to student council) at one of our primary schools!

Join us today and your donation and IMPACT are instantly doubled.

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