What can you do with $10 or $25 a month?

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You can bring life-changing access to education and health care to 1,300 children who attend TKP schools in rural Kenya.

When you sign up with a monthly gift to TKP—of any about—you become a TKP Field Partner and deliver tangible, valuable benefits to our friends in this community.

  • $10 per month contributes to salaries for key support staff, like Nentekeny Primary School cook, Ruth Nyaboke.

  • $25 per month provides classroom supplies for one preschool class, like the four-year-olds at Oloturot Preschool.

  • $50 per month helps pay dedicated teachers, like Lucy Sopia at Oltikampu Preschool.

Simply use the form below to get started. We can't wait for you to join this special, committed group of TKP Field Partners who bring transformation to our students, their families, and the community.


"We had the privilege of visiting Kenya with The Kilgoris Project this year and it was incredible to see the impact they make on the community there! We wanted to be a part of all that they are doing to empower the teachers, families, and programs in Kilgoris so we chose to join their monthly donor program to budget our giving and make an impact all year."
Hilary and Xavier Cinque, Field Partners since January 2018