The Kilgoris Project focuses on true community partnership and planting roots in all that we do. In addition to our education, health care and co-op partnerships, we have two business ventures—tree farming and a plowing and hauling business. The proceeds from these businesses will help fund TKP school operations, helping TKP and the community through growing, sustainable, in-country income.

Tree Farm

Growing deep roots takes on both literal and figurative meanings at our eucalyptus tree farm, “Kumea Mizizi” ("Growing deep roots" translated to Swahili).

Begun in 2013, the tree farm was founded as an engine for economic expansion and sustainable growth for TKP. Over the next five to ten years, we will expand the farm from 7.5 to 38 acres of eucalyptus trees—planting 3.5 acres per year and harvesting a portion of the crop annually on a rotating basis. Eucalyptus (E.gradis) are fast growing, hardy, drought-tolerant trees in high demand throughout Kenya for their multiple uses, including; electricity poles, building props and raw timber.  

Sustained Impact:

  • Kumea Mizizi, along with other income-generating projects, will generate reliable year-over-year income to aid in funding the growth of TKP’s schools in the Kilgoris region. Investment in the farm positions us well for financial sustainability now, and in the future.
  • Meeting the market demand for wood products decreases Kenya’s need to import wood from other nations where deforestation is rampant.
  • Our seedlings are grown using organic methods from certified E.grandis seed sourced through the Kenya Forestry Research Institute.
  • Kumea Mizizi generates employment opportunities for unskilled laborers and reliable income for our tree farmer. Through employment with The Kilgoris Project, our tree farmer’s family has gained access to education, health care and an improved standard of living.

Plowing Business

Launched in 2017, this business venture with generate in-country income for TKP schools and health care programs by supplying plowing and hauling services in and around Kilgoris, as well as to TKP schools.

The majority of Kilgoris residents are subsistence farmers who have land that must be prepared during peak planting seasons (twice annually). During the peak planting seasons, there is generally a shortage of tractors to provide plowing services. This business aims to meet the demand for timely, affordable service in TKP school communities and beyond. In addition, this business helps offset the thousands of dollars TKP spends every year on hauling services for construction projects like new school and church buildings and teacher housing.