Welcome to the Back-to-School Challenge!

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Thank you for being part of TKP's 6th annual Back-to-School Challenge. This page serves as your online toolkit and resource guide. Just shout with any questions! (Some of you have been with us since the beginning—the Crowdrise details are largely the same. But if you’re new, read on!)

Dates to Remember


August 1-12: Keep an eye out for info from TKP... or just scroll down and get all the information you need right here. 

Deadline: Set up your Crowdrise page by August 11 (Step-by-step instructions below!)

August 12: Campaign launch--start fundraising and publicizing your page.

August 12-September 9: Campaign is active. Keep fundraising... we're here to help with Facebook posts, copy-and-paste email copy, answers to your questions and general life hacks.




Crowdrise Instructions

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  • Click "Join"

  • Either login (existing Crowdrise users) or create a Crowdrise Account

  • Once you're logged in, click on your photo on the upper right of the page and "My Campaigns"

  • Mouse-over "Back-to-School Challenge 2019" and click to Edit Your Fundraising Page.

  • On the left you'll see a "Content" area that is editable. The pre-loaded photos and story will be the default, but please add personalized info (the people of the internets want to know about you and TKP!)

  • IMPORTANT: Personal photos and your "why I support TKP" story, will make your page stronger and will help donors connect with you AND TKP!

This is also where you set your personal campaign goal.

  • If you're fundraising for a full classroom, your goal would be $2,700.

  • Teacher salary and benefits = $1,750

  • Learning tools and supplies for one classroom = $675

  • Any other amount you want = good with us! Just make sure to set a goal!

What More could you want to know?!

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What are we raising money for?

This challenge is focused on TKP classrooms. Most of TKP’s income goes toward running our TEN(!) schools. The $2,700 per classroom includes teacher salaries and benefits, student enrichment programs, school management, classroom equipment, student supplies and Kindle maintenance (for primary grades). $1,750 for teacher salary and benefits includes…you guessed it! And $675 for supplies includes awesome learning tools like paper, books, pencils, art supplies, etc.

What is our goal?


Why are we doing a crowdfunding campaign?
Crowdfunding is a method of fundraising that leverages your networks. This model is similar to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society “Team in Training” model, regional 5k-type events, and many other fundraisers I’m sure you have participated in or given to.  Did you know? 75% of family and friends are more likely to donate when asked by someone they know. Boom!

What is Crowdrise?

Crowdrise is the website we will use to execute this campaign. It will allow us to create an umbrella campaign, and then our fundraisers (that’s YOU!) can create personal and customized pages tied to the big campaign. (Again, think American Cancer Society, local 5k events, etc.)

Will you help me get donations?

Throughout the 4-week campaign you will receive 4-5 communications emails. We will provide pre-written email copy for you, tips on how to share the TKP story via email and social media, pictures and encouragement. We are thrilled to have you onboard for this campaign and are committed to doing everything we can to help you succeed. This campaign is also a great time for you to share your personal connection to Kilgoris. Have you traveled? Share your experience! Why do you support TKP? People want to know! Definitely use the information we provide, but we encourage you to personalize it in anyway too!

Questions you might get from donors

How do I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Crowdrise sends all donors a tax receipt via email. "The Kilgoris Project" will appear on a donor's credit card statement.

 How should I instruct donors to make a donation?

Share your personal page URL via email, social network, text… whatever method of communication works best for you and the people you are asking to contribute a donation. Visit your page and copy the URL for your custom page. Once a donor lands on your specific page, they should click the red “Donate Now” button to begin the very straightforward process of donating.

Text to donate.

Donors can easily donate to your campaign via text. Simply text kilgoris to 41411 to receive the donation link. Easy!

Do I have to donate to Crowdrise/cover the fees associated with my donation?

No. Before confirming a donation, Crowdrise will provide an on-screen summary of your donation, plus the option for the donor to cover the fees. A donor can choose to cover the fee or have the fee taken out of their donation. The process is still very transparent and the donor has complete control over whether they choose to cover the fee or not. Crowdrise provides TKP with a fantastic service and we gladly cover fees when donors choose not to.

What if someone wants to write a check, instead of using Crowdrise?

Great, TKP accepts checks! :) And, you can add it to your campaign, so it still shows up on your Crowdrise page. Ask your donor to mail a check to The Kilgoris Project, Box 606 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025-5240. Confirm that TKP has received the check with Carole Loughridge at carole@kilgoris.org. Then go to your Crowdrise page, click "Manage." Under your picture you will see a blue button, "Add Offline Donations." 

Anything we didn't think of? Drop us a note at christine@kilgoris.org.